Acta Physica, 1973

Acta Physica, 33 - 1973.


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1973 / 1. szám Yu. A. Valov - N. A. Goryunova - E. I. Leonov - V. M. Orlov: Preparation and Properties of Ternary II-IV-V2 Layers and Heterojunctions Based on Them G. I. Georgiev: Surface States on Three-Dimensional Mixed Crystals by a Band-Edge Method B. Apagyi: Atomic Energy Calculation by a Modified Statistical Theory L. Vize - L. Szalay: Depedence of Fluorescence Characteristics on the Bandwidth of Exciting and Observed Light G. Nagarajan: Spectroscopic Studies of Potential Energy Constants, Root-Mean-Square Amplitudes, Coriolis Coupling Coefficients and Shrinkages of Chemical Bonds in Mercurous Halides L. D. Raigorodski: On Maxwell-Type Equations in the Theory of Inertial-Gravitational Field I. Kirschner - T. Porjesz - J. Bánkuti - P. Horváth - P. Zentai: Investigation of Galvanomagnetic Effects in InSb Single Crystals at Low Temperatures Communicationes Breves M. Zaucer - E. Zakrajsek - A. Azman: Cluster Expansion of the Molecular Energy with the Correlated Wave Function Juergen W. Weil: Self-Correlation Functions as Microcanonical Averages: Two Examples Recensiones 1973 / 2. szám M. A. Hennell - L. M. Delves: Triton Binding Energy for the Reid Potential Werner Sandhas: Three-Nucleon Calculations with Local Potentials J. Dabrowski: Binding Energy of 3H and n-d Doublet Scattering Length with Charge-Dependent Forces J. S. Levinger: "How Can We Determine the Two-body t-matrix?" R. Bouchez: Study of the Neutron-Neutron Interaction from the n + d Break-up Process J. S. C. McKee: Final State Interactions Ivo Slaus: Critical Analysis of Models Applied to Breakup Process A. N. Mitra: Backward p-d Scattering in the GeV Region E. El Baz - C. Fayard - G-H. Lamot - J. Pigeon: A Non-Exhaustive Restatement of the Angular Momentum Reduction in the Three-Body Problem A. N. Mitra: Concluding Summary 1973 / 3-4. szám L. Malicskó - G. Palló: Study of the UV Spectra of Sn- and Pb-doped KCl Single Crystals A. Mecseki: Generalization of the Teltow Model of Direct Current Conduction in Ionic Crystals A. Mecseki: Models for Generalized Teltow Theory L. M. Beliaev - Yu. N. Martyshev - Yu. Ya. Yushin: Non-radiative Electronic Transitions on the Surface of Alkali-halide Crystals A. Watterich - R. Voszka: The Experimental Study of Mg Centres Stable at RT in X-irradiated NaCl(Mg) Crystals N. N. Sheftal - E. G. Kolomyts: Evolution of Crystal End Forms Caused by Environmental Inclusions V. M. Kosewich - A. A. Sokol - G. Radnóczi: Investigation of the Decoration Processes in Thin Crystals G. Pető - J. Csikai - G. M. Shuriet - I. Józsa - V. Asztalos: Average Cross Sections for Pu-alfa-Be Neutrons: Low-Energy Neutrons from alfa-n Sources D. Noack - S. Klaus: A Model for the Regulation of Replication of Bacterial and Episomal DNA Z. Morlin: Kinetics of the Low-Temperature Phase TRansformation of Ammonium Iodide R. Gáspár - I. Tamássy-Lentei: Floating Type Wave Functions in Molecular Pseudopotential Calculations A. Barna - P. B. Barna - J. F. Pócza - I. Pozsgai: Condensation and Epitaxial Growth of Evaporated Thin Films on NaCl Covered by an Amorphous Dielectric Intermediate Layer I. Gaál: De Haas-Van Alphen Effect in Dislocated Crystals Communicatio Brevis G. Gergely - M. Menyhárd: Some Notes on LEED Studies of GaSe

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Additional Information: Acta Physica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 33. (1973)
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