Acta Physica, 1968

Acta Physica, 25 - 1968.


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1968 / 1. szám J. I. Horváth: On the Hyper-Geometrization of the Relativistic Phase-Space Formalism III. N. M. Plakida - T. Siklós: Account of the Highest Order Anharmonic Effects in Crstals I. Ts. Ljast - R. G. Nousratoullin: Delocalization and Correlation of Electrons in the Molecules of Saturated Compounds I. Z. Bődy - E. Rupp: Barrier Penetrabilities and Reduced Widths for ?-decay in the Medium Heavy Region M. I. Bán - Gy. Dömötör - F. J. Gilde: Splittings of dn-Configurations in Ligand Fields of Pentagonal and Hexagonal Symmetries A. Agnese - G. Paoli - M. Scotto - A. Wataghin: MOdification of Multiple SCattering Theory in View of Recent High Cell-Size Measurements H. Prade - Gy. Máthé: Experimentelle Anordnungen mit a. p. m. Prinzip für Polarisationsmessungen G. Pető - P. Bornemissza-Pauspertl - J. Károlyi: Applicability of the Statistical Model for Explaining the Ratio of the (n, n') to (n, 2n) Cross Section M. Huszár - M. Ziegler-Náray: The Hydrodynamical Model of Wave Mechanics IV. Communicationes Breves B. Tinland: A Theoretical Study of the Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Biphenyl B. Pődör - C. Ivánka: Magnetoresistivity of n-type GaAs Single Crystal in the Impurity Scattering Range G. Nagarajan - A. Perumal: Mean Amplitudes of Vibration for an XY4 Molecular Model With D2d Symmetry: Application to Phosphate Ion E. Mágori - Zs. Ozoróczy: The Hartree Energy of the Valence Electron of K A. Srinivasa Rao: C13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Calcite 1968 / 2. szám K. Venkateswarlu - C. Purushothaman: Urey-Bradley Force Constants, Mean Amplitudes of Vibration, Shrinkage Effect and Coriolis Constants in IF5 and IOF5 I. Borbély - E. I. Dolinsky: On the Effect of Particle Exchange in Nuclear Reactions S. A. Smolyansky: Comments on the Principle of Attenuation of Correlation G. Forst: Nachweis der Welleneigenschaft des Li+7-Ions durch Streuung an Molekülen Z. Kunszt . T. Nagy: Negative Parity Baryon Resonances in the SU(6) Symmetry Gy. Büti: The Many-Body Problem in Terms of Particle Group Functions F. A. El Bedewi - Z. Miligy - N. A. Eisse - M. Morsy: Decay Scheme of Pr144 F. A. El Bedewi - Z. Miligy - N. A. Eissa - M. Morsy: Decay Scheme of Pd111 and Pd111m F. Mezei: Nonlinear Model in Quantum Field Theory Communicationes Breves K. L. Nagy: Z-0 Limits in the Lee Model I. Cseh: Surface Recombination Studies of Germanium by Suhl-Effect Applying Light Injection J. Schanda: On the Frequency Dependence of ZnS Electroluminescence Spectra Recensiones 1968 / 3. szám S. S. Rathi - K. Gopalakrishnan - J. Kishore: Quenching og Fluorescence of Eosin in Solutions L. Füstöss: Calculations on the Application of Electron Scattering to the Determination of Pressure A. Ádám - F. Deák - P. Hraskó - L. Jéki - A. Kiss - Zs. Kövesy - G. Pálla: Small Angle Elastic Scattering of 14 MeV Neutrons by 238U L. Jánossy: Remark to the Interpretation of the Kennedy-Thorndike Experiment A. Szalay - E. Csongor: Precipitation of Fission Products from the Atmosphere in Debrecen, Hungary, During 1966 and 1967 J. Dombi: Energy Transfer Processes in Luminescent Mixed Solutions I. Lovas - J. Révai: An Exactly Soluble Model for Resonance Scattering Communicationes Brevis Subir Kumar Bose: Simple Derivation of Equal Spacing Rule in Masses in Decuplet by Current Commutators Recensiones 1968 / 4. szám Zoltán Gyulai 1887-1968 V. Majernik: The Information Gain by Localized a Particle O. Kunvári: Application of the Wave-Mechanical Repulsive Potential in the Calculation of the Energy of the Li Atom P. Gombás - T. Szondy: Lösungen des vereinfachten Self-Consistent Field in erster Näherung für die Atome Z=2 bis Z=92 des periodischen Systems der Elemente I. P. Gombás: Über die Weizsäckersche kinetische Energiekorrektion G. Pataki: Velocity and Current Determination for Steadily Travelling Domains in Semiconductors II. Z. Perjés: Some Properties of Cylindrical Electrovac Fields Communicationes Breves I. Demeter - L. Dóra - Ilona Fodor - L. Keszthelyi - I. Szentpétery - L. Varga - J. Zimányi: The Ground-State Gamma Decay of the 49Ca Ground-State Analogue in 49Sc I. Demeter - L. Dóra - L. Keszthelyi - L. Pócs - I. Szentpétery - J. Zimányi: Average Spacing of Excited Levels in 49V I. Montvay: A Remark on the Algebra of Space-Components of Current Densities E. Balázs: A Simple Hartree-Fock Calculation for He4 J. Balázs: Investigations of the I-V Characteristics of ZnS Single Crystals Recensiones

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