Acta Physica, 1990

Acta Physica, 68 - 1990. ISSN 0231-4428


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1990 / 1-2. szám Elementary Particles and Fields L. D. Raigorodski: A dustlike matter in the curved space-time H. Pietschmann: Limitations on tests of quantum flavour dynamics from quark confinement J. Deutsch: Constraints on the left-right symmetric models from the unitarity of the Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix K. Winter: Detection of the tau-neutrino Nuclear Physics H. Erbil - D. Demirhan - F. Büyükkilig: Moments of inertia and collective gyromagnetic ratios of some of the doubly even nuclei in the Rare-Earth region D. Demirhan - F. Büyükkilig: Energy spectrum of the nucleus 73Ta181 by a cannonical transformation J. Blümlein - M. Walter - M. M. Kirsanov - A. S. Vovenko: Structure functions, quark distributions and deltaQCD in an UNK neutrino experiment Atomic and Molecular Physics L. Ujj - I. Sánta - G. Almási - L. Kozma - A. F. Bunkin: Nonlinear Raman spectroscopy of liquids T. Jeyagopal - S. R. K. Rajavel - M. Ramakrishnan - N. Rajamanickam: On the dissociation energy of BrF molecule Optics V. D. Taranukhin: Amplification of picosecond infrared pulses in high-pressure Co2 amplifier Fluids, Plasmas and Electric Discharges M. M. Morcos - K. D. Srivastava: Particle-initiated corona as indicative diagnosis in gas insulated systems Condensed Matter K. A. Azez - M. M. Gupta - C. M. Kachhava: Cohesive energy of liquid metals V. K. Pershin - VI. K. Pershin: Virial approach to correlation properties and structural instability of anharmonic crystals Classical and Applied Physics J. Bánkuti - G. Horváth: Resistivity increase due to size and roughness effects and stabilization of in situ superconductors 1990 / 3-4. szám General Physics S. Antony Raj - S. James Jayaseelan: An analytical solution to unsteady axisymmetrical stagnation flow Elementary Particles and Fields M. Valter - J. Bljumajájn - D. Kis - Sz. A. Barakov - Ju. A. Barniszov - Sz. A. Binjámov - O. Ju. Deniszov - M. Ju. Kazarikov - O. M. Kuznecov - Sz. N. Prahov - V. I. Sznjámkov - A. Sz. Vovenko - A. A. Boriszov - A. Sz. Kozsik - A. I. Krazcov - M. M. Kirszakov - Ju. I. Szalomanin - R. M. Fahrumbinov: Ob iszpolzovanii nejtrinnogo detektora szotrudnicsesztva Berlin-Budapest-Dubna - Szerpuhov na nejtrinnih pucskah UNK Atomic and Molecular Physics E. I. Fazekas - M. Mezey: New system for measuring partial densities of metal vapours by atomic resonance absorption spectroscopy. Parts I, II, III R. Kepa - A. Para - M. Rytel - J. D. Janjic: Analysis of 0-7 band of the Herzberg system of 13C16O Á. Vibók - I. Mayer: Towards a third order perturbation theory of intermolecular interactions without BSSE Fluids, Plasmas and Electric Discharges E. V. Krishnan: On shallow water wawes Condensed Matter M. F. Kotkata - M. M. Radwan - A. M. Abdel-Rahman - M. H. El-Fouly - S. A. Fayek: The structure of the binary chalcogenide crystalline Tl-Se systems R. N. V. Ranga Reddy - V. R. Murthy: Polarizabilities and susceptibilities of phenyl benzoate liquid crystals K. P. Ghatak: Electronic effects in elastic constants of Bi Interdisciplinary P. Ván - É. Ruszin: Derivation of the basic equations of MHD from the governing principle of dissipative processes

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Additional Information: Acta Physica Hungarica : a journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Volume 68. (1990)
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