Acta Physica, 1990

Acta Physica, 67 - 1990. ISSN 0231-4428


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1990 / 1-2. szám Elementary Particles and Fields L. K. Patel - Sharda S. Koppar - N. R. Pandya: Imparting inhomogeneity to Bianchi type II, VIII and IX space-times with electromagnetic field G. Mohanty - U. K. Panigrahi: Axially symmetric Einstein-Maxwell and scalar fields with self gravitating stiff fluid R. R. Pattanaik - G. Mohanty: An analogue of de-Sitter universe C. Wolf: The Abelian dyon and a massless scalar field in the bi-metric theory of gravitation Nuclear Physics M. M. Abdel-Hady - A. M. Salem - M. Morsy: Stopping power for heavy ions in solids Atomic and Molecular Physics B. P. Lavrov - V. I. Ustimov: Semiempirical determination of electronic-vibro-rotational radiative transition probabilities in diatomic molecules I. Theory Ellis E. Whiting - John A. Paterson: Recent advances at NASA in calculating the electronic spectra of diatomic molecules T. P. Softley: Fine and hyperfine structure in the aPi? state of CH+ E. H. Fink - H. Kruse - K. D. Setzer - D. A. Ramsay - M. Vervloet: High resolution Fourier-transform spectra of the a1d(g) - X3S(g)-, biS(g)+ - X3S(g)- and b1?(g)+ - a1d(g) systems of O2, SO, S2 and isoelectronic molecules in the NIR region Hajime Kato - Mitsuhiko Otani - Masaaki Baba: Perturbation and the effects on the transition intensity and the line shape studied on alkali metal diatomic molecules G. Roberts: Time-resolved molecular chemiluminescence from reactions of Ca(3P, 1D) atoms with N2O G. Meijer - M. Ebben - J. J. ter Meulen: High resolution spectroscopy on the E2S+ - A2S+ transition of NO A. Suresh Kumar - S. Buddhudu: Spectroscopic investigation of praseodymium (III) chloride complexes of some dicarboxylic acids Mario D. Glossman - Eduardo A. Castro: Atomic properties through Thomas-Fermi-Dirac-Weizsäcker theory Fluids, Plasmas and Electronic Discharges J. K. Misra - R. S. Chauhan: A study of pulsatile blood flow in a tube with pulsating walls R. C. Sharma - Y. D. Sharma: Magneto-thermosolutal convection in a viscoelastic fluid in porous medium Condensed Matter N. Chattopadhyay - K. P. Ghatak - M. Mondal: Theoretical analysis of the effective electron mass in n-channel inversion layers on ternary semiconductors N. A. Razik - G. El-Barakati - M. A. Momen: Precise lattice constants determination of orthorhombic crystals from X-ray powder diffractometric data A. H. Awad: Contribution to the lattice thermal conductivity due to the three phonon normal processes in the presence of core dislocations in the frame of the Callaway integral J. S. Saif: Phonon drag thermoelectric power of Sb at low temperature N. Abdel Mohsen - S. N. Elsayed - A. H. Abou El-Ela: Electrical conductivity, thermoelectric power and thermal conductivity of CuTlTe2 in the solid and liquid states Book Reviews 1990 / 3-4. szám General Physics E. Comay: Constraints on the structure of relativistic classical fields K. H. Anthony: Phenomenological thermodynamics of irreversible processes within Lagrange formalism Elementary Particles and Fields Vidya Gaikwad - T. M. Karade: Plane symmetric higher dimensional space-times V. Sz. Gurin - A. P. Trofimenko: Raszsirennajá teorijá otnoszitelnoszti i mnogomernoe (kompleksznoe) predsztablenie raszsirennih mnogoobrazij Sharda S. Koppar - L. K. Patel: A rotating Bianchi type II viscous fluid cosmological model with heat flux G. Callegari - P. Fortini - D. Tartari: A theory of massive photons and monopoles P. Kroll: An approach to spherically symmetric perfect fluid solution in general relativity using thin layers Janaki Balakrishnan - S. N. Biswas - Ashok Goyal - S. K. Soni: Applications of the stochastic quantization method Nuclear Physics K. Krishna Murthy - Prathibha Nuthakki: Emission of soft pions in meson-nucleon interactions A. Osman - S. S. Abdel-Aziz: Dependence of the interaction potential and fusion cross-section on temperature Atomic and Molecular Physics M. M. Abdel-Hady: Simulation of spatial distributions of implanted ions in amorphous elements D. Zimmermann: High resolution spectroscopy of the van der Waals molecules NaAr and NaKr P. R. Surján - P. Császár - R. A. Poirier - J. H. van Lenthe: Perturbation theoretical vs supermolecule calculations on intermolecular interactions Fluids, Plasmas and Electric Discharges Salah Abdel-Sattar: On the saturated corona profiles at ground surface and underneath HVDC lines Condensed Matter Maria Zabkowska-Waclawek: Compensation rule for phthalocyanines M. Mounir: Effect of g-irradiation and current density on the electroluminescence spectra of GaP:N K. P. Ghatak: On the thermoelectric power in gapless semiconductors Cross-Disciplinary M. Frankowicz - A. Chlobowski: On the stochastic description of non-isothermal chemical processes Book Reviews Corrigenda

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Additional Information: Acta Physica Hungarica : a journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Volume 67. (1990)
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