Acta Physica, 1989

Acta Physica, 66 - 1989. ISSN 0231-4428


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1989 / 1-4. szám General Physics S. Lengyel: Reversible chemical reactions in the unified field theory of thermodynamics B. Nyiri: On the extension of the Governing Principle of Dissipative to nonlinear constitutive equations S. Liukkonen: The transport equation for simultaneous diffusion, heat conduction and electric conduction in aqueous binary electrolyte system W. Muschik - J. Fang: Statistical foundation of nonequilibrium contact quantities bridging phenomenological and statistical nonequilibrium-thermodynamics H. C. Hou: On the relation between the Gyarmati, Prigogine and Hamilton principles G. A. Maugin - A. Morro: Viscoelastic materials with internal variables and dissipation functions L. S. Garcia Colin: Some views on extended irreversible thermodynamics M. Dutta - J. Sen Supta: Correlation and small variation in thermodynamic system J. Verhás: An application of Gyarmati's wave approach J. Casas-Vazquez - D. Jou: Nonequilibrium equations of state and thermal waves S. Antony Raj: Thermodynamic analysis of viscous dissipation effects in natural convection flow M. Frias: Ars Dynamicae Jürgen U. Keller: Thermodynamics of physical adsorption processes of gases on solid adsorbents T. F. Nonnenmacher - D. J. F. Nonnenmacher: Towards the formulation of a nonlinear fractional extended irreversible thermodynamics Sitiro Minagawa - Hiroshi Ogata: Elastic interaction energies between dislocations and/or disclinations in an isotropic body A. S. Cukrowski: Non-equilibrium thermodynamic description of transport processes of interstitial defects in non-stoichiometric crystals under isothermal condicions L. Z. Lakshtanov - S. Lengyel: Governing Principle of Dissipative Processes applied to non-stationary diffusion R. E. Nettleton: Non-linear effects in extended thermodynamics of structural relaxation in liquids F. Marsik: Consequences of thermodynamical conditions of stability for thermoviscous fluids and thermoviscoelastic solids H. Farkas - Z. Noszticzius - C. R. Savage - Z. A. Schelly: Two dimensional explodators 2. Global analysis of the Lotka-Volterra-Brusselator (LVB) model G. Dickel: The accessibility of arbitrary boundary conditions in membrane transport R. F. Rodriguez: Heat and temperature effects on the light scattered from a viscoelastic liquid G. Labon: From classical irreversible thermodynamics to extended thermodynamics V. Ciancio - G. A. Kluitenberg: On electromagnetic waves in isotropic media with dielectric relaxation I. Kirschner - P. Molnár: Relation between Curie's principle and Onsager's reciprocity F. Márkus: Isotherm multicomponent diffusion in Gyarmati's wave approach Nguyen Huyen Tung: Application of the Governing Principle of Dissipative Processes to the Taylor problem L. Z. Mezey - J. Giber: Basic equations of the modern thermodynamic calculation of interface properties (MTCIP) theory and their relation to the thermodynamic wave theory and Gyarmati's other basic results B. Lukács - G. Paál: Nontrivial Pfaffian forms in cosmology W. Ebeling - H. Engel-Herbert: Entropy lowering and attractors in phase space G. I. Bocskov - Ju. E. Kuzovlev: Fluktuacionno-disszipacionnie szootnosenijá, variaciohhie principi i sztohaszticseszkie modeli helinejnih neravnovesznih termodinamicseszkij szisztem

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Additional Information: Acta Physica Hungarica : a journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Volume 66. (1989)
Subjects: Q Science / természettudomány > QC Physics / fizika
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