Acta Physica, 1989

Acta Physica, 65 - 1989. ISSN 0231-4428


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1989 / 1. szám Elementary Particles and Fields G. Sardanashvily - B. Ikhlov: Higgs gravitational vacuum in the gauge gravitation theory Atomic and Molecular Physics Á. Nagy: The hyperfine interaction parameter p(0) calculated by the X? method with ab initio self-consistent exchange parameter E. Kapuy - C. Kozmutza - Zs. Ozoróczy: Ab initio method for treatment of spatially extended systems, Parts I-III. Fluids, Plasmas and Electric Discharges M. M. Pejovic - M. K. Radovic: Influence of electrode temperature and auxiliary discharge on the electrical breakdown in helium Nguyen Huyen Tung: An application of the governing principle of dissipative processes to eigenvalue problem of hydro-thermodynamics Condensed Matter M. Saleh: Electron bombardment induced conductivity in crystalline anthracene D. Iwanov: The kinetics of growth and the morphological instability of zinc single crystals J. Kierul - L. Wojtczak: Electron-phonon interaction in thin films J. Kierul: Electro-phonon interaction in transition metals M. Mondal - K. P. Ghatak - A. K. Das: Theoretical analysis of the Einstein relation in degenerate ternary chalcopyrite semiconductors in the presence of an arbitrarily oriented quantizing magnetic field Classical and Particle Physics S. Antony Raj: Analytic solution for combined forced and free convection from a non-isothermal wedge Nguyen Thi Bang Van: On the stability of shear flow Nguyen Thi Bang Van: On the flow of the corotational Jeffrey body in circular pipes Astropysics C. Wolf: Can the creation of matter in the early universe stall inflation? Book Reviews 1989 / 2-3. szám Atomic and Molecular Physics J. Kemmler - O. Heil - H. Rothard - K. Kroneberger - S. Lencinas - K. O. Groeneveld - C. Biedermann - I. A. Sellin: Study of the convoy electron production from solids with hydrogenic Ni-ions Richard L. Becker: On the cross sections for electron transfer, ejection, and excitation in coincidence with a hole in a specific shell K. Ishii - L. Becker: Depth profiling by ion-beam analysis R. Gáspár - Á. Nagy: Electronegativities and hardnesses of several atoms and ions calculated with the X? method having self-consistent parameter a T. Mukoyama: Wave function effects in K-shell ionization B. Crasemann: Relativistic phenomena in atomic and chemical physics: opportunites for studies with synchrotron radiation V. Brabec - O. Dragoun - N. Dragounová - J. Novák - M. Fiser - A. Kovalik - M. Rysavy: High-resolution electron spectroscopy of radioactive samples using the ESA12 electrostatic spectrometer Gy. Szabó - Á. Kövér - L. Gulyás: Ejected electrons at backward angles from He and Ne by He2+ impact L. Sarkadi: L-shell ionization and L X-ray emission induced by antiprotons T. Papp - J. Pálinkás: Resolution and detection of weak X-ray lines using a Si (Li) detector combined with absorbers L. Kövér - J. Tóth - A. Itoh: An experimental method for resolution calibration of electron spectrometers I. Török: Study of the chemical shift of K X-ray lines with a home-built X-ray crystal spectrometer I. Kádár - S. Ricz - B. Sulik - D. Varga - J. Végh: The reduction of the systematic error caused by the nuclear background in high resolution electron spectroscopy og high-energy ion-atom collisions L. Szótér - J. Macsuga - B. Palásthy - G. Vitéz: An apparatus for low energy atomphysical experiments and the first results E. Vatai: On the energy dependence of the electron shake processes I. Tamássy-Lentei - J. Szaniszló: Ab initio theoretical study of the structures and stabilities of the LiBeH3, Li2BeH4 and LiBeH5 molecules Nuclear and Nigh Energy Physics L. Desdin - S. Szegedi - J. Csikai: Measurement of the fission cross-section ratio for 237Np/235U around 14 MeV neutron energies Á. Z. Kiss - E. Koltay - E. Somorjai: New data for 12C(p,g)13N radiative capture process: note on an anomaly in thick target measurements Z. Máté - S. Szilágyi - L. Zolnai - A. Bredbacka - M. Brenner - K. M. Källman - P. Manngard: Low energy alpha scattering on 62Ni T. Fényes - Zs. Dombrádi: Nuclear structure of 116In T. Vertse - P. Curutchet - R. J. Liotta - J. Bang: On the role of anti-bound states in the RPA description of the giant monopole resonance G. Marx - D. S. P. Dearborn: What happened to the iron in the Sun? G. V. Domogatsky - P. Kakas - S. Fehér - D. Kiss: Searching for monopoles in Lake Baikal I. Lovas - Livia Molnár: Dirac particle in a periodic field Interdisciplinary J. Giber - S. Kristyán - P. Deák: The problem of anomalous near surface diffusion E. Mészáros: Gaia hypothesis and atmospheric aerosol S. Damjanovich - M. Balázs - J. Szőllősi: Are lymphocytes excitable cells? S. Takács - F. Ditrói - I. Mahunka: Measurement of oxide-layer thickness of internal granules in high-purity aluminum Z. Kormány - I. Szücs - A. Valek - J. Vámosi: A study of third harmonic mode acceleration for the MGC 1989 / 4. szám Elementary Particles and Fields B. V. Baby: Painlevé property and Bäcklund transformation of SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs system Atomic and Molecular Physics V. M. Dubov - D. V. Tschechovskoy - E. A. Shenyavskaya - I. Kovács: Rotational analysis of the A6S-X6S transition of chromium monofluoride P. Kálmán: Spectrum of atomic electrons ionised by an intense field R. Giri - S. S. Rathi - M. K. Machwe - V. V. S. Murti: Effect of hydrogen bonding on the polarization of fluorescence of 4-methyl-7-hydroxy coumarin Optics R. Sh. Alnayli - Cs. Kuti - J. S. Bakos - I. Tóth: Investigation of electric field distribution in Z-cut KDP Q-switch modulator crystals Condensed Matter V. A. Filikov - V. N. Gordeev - V. A. Ligacsev - O. E. Akimov: Approkszimacijá zonnoj szrtuktur poliprovodnakov IV. R. Gonczarek: On superfluid 3He-4He mixtures in magnetic fields A. Iskander - L. Orosz: Calculation of electron density and surface energy by variation method L. Nánai - I. Hevesi - B. S. Luk'yanchuk - E. M. Morozova - A. S. Rogachev - A. V. Simakhin - N. M. Sukonkhina - G. A. Shafeev: Characteristics of laser-heated titanium in a nitrogen atmosphere Erratum Book Reviews

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