Acta Physica, 1984

Acta Physica, 55 - 1984. ISSN 0231-4428


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1984 / 1-4. szám G. Herzberg: Prof. I. Kovács 70th birthday Classical and Applied Physics H. Farkas - I. Mudri: Shape-preserving time-dependences in heat conduction Elementary Particles and Fields K. Tóth - T. Margaritisz - K. Szegő: Electroweak corrections for S-nev. Nuclear Physics Norman F. Ramsey: Feasibility of a 3He magnetometer for neutron electric dipole moment experiments M. L. Jhingan - R. P. Anand - S. K. Gupta - M. K. Metha: Pre-equilibrium effect in (n, xn) reactions A. Boufraquech - G. Pető - J. Csikai: Removal cross sections for 14.8 MeV neutrons L. P. Csernai - G. Fái: Simple models for almost central asymmetric heavy-ion collisions at moderate energies Atomic and Molecular Physics D. Bereki: Elektronnajá szpektroszkolijá v fundamentalnih i prikladih isszledovanijáh T. K. Balasubramanian - A. S. P. Rao - R. D'Souza - N. A. Narasimham: Rotational intensities in doublet transitions of a diatomic molecule Manfred Winnewisser - E. Walter Peau: The structure of tricarbon oxide dulfide, O=C=C=C=S, as a function of the vibrational quantum number v7, determined by the isotopic substitucion method R. Gáspár - Á. Nagy: Pseudopotential and valence exchange in the multiple scattering method P. Simova - N. Kirov - I. Dozov - M. P. Fontana: Dipole correlation functions and intermolecular torques in nematic phase of EBBA and PAA T. Rytel - M. Rytel: Rotational analysis of the 3A system of 12C16O molecule Z. Malak - M. Rytel - J. D. Jancin - D. S. Pesic: Angström system of the 13C18O molecule L. Nemes: Vibrational angular momentum in the theory of vibration-rotation spectra. Part I. C. di Lauro - B. Velino: Evidence for the A1 and A2 Components of v4+v5 in the infrared spectrum of methyl bromide L. Sztraka: Symmetry properties and the calculation of the rotation-internal rotation-inversion energy levels in methyllamine J. Danielak: Vibrational and rotational constants for the A2S+ state of the 15N16O molecule J. Domin - U. Domin - Z. Malak - M. Rytel: Angström system of the 14C16O molecule P. Maróti - G. Laczkó - L. Szalay: Pulsed polarographic studies of photosynthetic oxygen evolution Cs. Bagyinka - L. I. Horváth - L. Keszthelyi: Mössbauer and EPR studies on iron-dihydroxybenzoic acid and iron-itoic acid chelate complexes Gy. Major: Spectroscopic study of diffuse light scattering media I. G. Herzberg: The a 3Sg+-c3Pu and c3Pu-a3Sg+ systems in the infrared spectrum of H2 and D2 Zs. Bor - B. Rácz - I. Ketskeméty - L. Kozma: Comparison of short-pulse generation methods of N2 laser pumped dye lasers L. Michailovits - I. Hevesi - M. I. Török - T. Szörényi - Á. Süli: A comparative survey of the evaluation of optical constants of weakly absorbing thin layers T. I. Tarnóczi - P. Richter: Multiple wavelength differential absorption lidar evaluation M. R. Aliev - V. M. Mikhailov: Forbidden rotational and vibrational-rotational transitions in H3+ J. Szőke: Temperature dependence of microcrystalline sodium uranyl-acetate fluorescence spectra E. Kapuy - Z. Csépes - J. Pipek: Application of the many-body perturbation theory based on localized orbitals to cyclic polyenes C. Kozmutza - Zs. Ozoróczy: The influence of symmetry on SCF convergence L. A. Kuznetsova - N. E. Kuz'menko - Yu. Ya. Kuzyakov: Current state of research into the radiative caharacteristics of diatomic molecules B. P. Lavrov - M. V. Tyutchev: Gas temperature measurements in non-equilibrium plasma from the intensities of H2 molecular bands A. Grofcsik - M. Kubinyi: Raman amplification spectroscopy Yu. N. Dmitriev - L. A. Kaledin - E. A. Shenyavskaya - L. V. Gurvich: Electronic spectrum of GdO Fluids, Plasmas and Electric Discharges L. Nanai - J. Kovacs - E. Szil - K. Bali - I. Hevesi - I. Kecskemeti: Isszledovanie opticseszkogo razrjáda vblizi poverhnoszti pjátiokiszi vanadijá J. S. Bakos - I. B. Földes - P. N. Ignácz - Zs. Sörlei: Scattering and pulse narrowing in laser spark Condensed Matter G. Gévay - R. Voszka: Diameter controlled Czochralski growth of bismuth germanate single crystals I. Kirschner - Gy. Kovács - T. porjesz: Effective mass model for anomalous magnetoresistance J. Verhás: Irreversible thermodynamics of nematic liquid crystals I. Földvári - K. Polgár - A. Mecseki: Nonstoichiometry as a source of "intrinsic impurities" in LiNbO3 crystals K. Raksányi - A. Watterich: Model calculations on the photokinetics of Mg1-centre formation in NaCl single crystals K. Narahari Rao - J. R. Gaines - T. K. Balasubramanian - Romola D'Cunha: Infrared spectrum of hydrogen in the condensed phase Cross-disciplinary Physics L. Bozóky: Role of physicists in the improvement of telecuire therapy in Hungary D. Kiss - Zs. Kajcsos - L. Marczis: Positron annihilation: A tool in interdisciplinary investigations G. Ring - I. Csete: Mathematical description of heat power engineering behaviour of glass in the building industry Geophysics A. Szalay: Possibility of a thermal catastrophe in the earliest period of the earth as revealed by the volatile content of igneous crustal and mantle rocks

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