Problems of Control and Information Theory, 1986

Problems of Control and Information Theory, 15 - 1986. ISSN 0370-2529


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1986 / 1. szám Aliseenko, O. V. - Khametov, V. M. - Piunovski, A. B.: The optimal control of stochastic sequences with delay Niederreiter, H.: Distribution properties of feedback shift register sequences Shaikhet, L. E.: On a necessary condition of optimality for stochastic systems with noise by control Pužman, J.: The relational approach to the computer-communication architectures Venetsanopoulos, A. N. - Singh, I.: Topological optimization of communication networks subject to reliability constraints Rafajlowicz, E.: L-optimal input signals for distributed-parameter systems identification Nöbauer, R.: Key distribution systems based on polynomial functions and on Rédei-functions 1986 / 2. szám Pugachev, V. S.: Approximate methods for finding finite-dimensional distributions of random sequences determined by difference equations Vajda, I.: Robust estimation in discrete and continuous families by means of a minimum chi-square method Dueck, G. - Möller, V.: Expurgated error bounds for concatenated codes Kruglikov, S. V.: On the separation principle in the problem of ensured control-estimation Niederreiter,H.: Knapsack-type cryptosystems and algebraic coding theory Bakule, L. - Lunze, J.: Sequential design of robust decentralized controllers for serially interconnected systems Sixth International Symposium on Information Theory Exhibition on "Industrial Robots and Their Components" 1986 / 3. szám Krasovskii, N. N. - Tarasova, S. I. - Tret'jakov, V. E. - Shishkin, G. I.: Control with information deficit Popov, E. P. - Tikhomirov, V. G. - Ushakov, V. I.: Integral estimations of robots mobile possibilities Goldberg, S. I. - Skripochenko, O. A.: Nearness estimations for objects withcomplex structure Serkov, D. A.: Synthesis of feedback control and finite dimensional models Nguyen Quang A.: Some constructions of signature sequences for T-user multiple-access adder channels with correlation type receiver Nguyen Tai Can: An evaluation of adaptive MTI filters 1986 / 4. szám Ustyužanin, A. M.: On the problem of matrix parameter identification Outrata, J. V. - Schindler, Z.: On using of bundle methods in nondifferentiable optimal control problems Sinitsyn, I. N.: Stochastic hereditary control systems Višek, J. Á.: A note on numerical aspects of robust testing Gorelik, V. A.: About one class of games with stable and Pareto optimal solutions Zenkevich, S. L.: Logical control of adaptive robot. Principles of control system organization 1986 / 5. szám Bukov, V. N. - Chernov, V. F. - Chudinova, B. G.: Decomposition of the process of control inusing algorithms with forecasting model Petkovski, D. B.: Robust stability of decentralized output control systems with application to singular perturbation theory Dodunekov, S. M.: Some quasiperfect double error correcting codes Racsmány, A.: On constructing codes with given distance in Lee-metric Kowalewski, A.: On optimal control problem for parabolic-hyperbolic system 1986 / 6. szám Kleimenov, A. F.: Stackelberg strategies for hierarchical differential twoperson games Zítek, P.: Aniochronic modelling and stability criterion of hereditary systems Emelyanov, S. V. - Korovin, S. K. - Levantovskiy, L. V.: A drift algorithm in control of uncertain processes Gaidov, S. D.: Pareto-optimality in stochastic differential games Subbotin, A. I. - Tarasyev, A. M.: Stability properties of the value function of a differential game and viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations Bocharov, P. P. - Spesivov, S. S.: On multistage queuing system with losses and arriving flow of phase type

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Additional Information: Problems of Control and Information Theory, Vol. 15. (Budapest, 1986)
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T Technology / alkalmazott, műszaki tudományok > TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering / elektrotechnika, elektronika, atomtechnika
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