Problems of Control and Information Theory, 1982

Problems of Control and Information Theory, 11 - 1982. ISSN 0370-2529


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1982 / 1. szám Falin, G. I.: Enlargement of states of symmetric system with limited availability Zadorozhnii, A. I. - Chernyakov, M. V. - Povarenkin, V. I.: Optimal signal processing in asynchronous address data transmission systems under narrow-band noises Danilov, N. N.: Principles of optimality in cooperative differential games with nontransferable pay-offs Sher, A. P.: Algorithmic methods for fuzzy set selection via non-point expert estimates Levin, V. I.: Perelroizen, E. Z.: Space scene computer perception Hangos, K. M.: On the ARMAX-type system properties affecting the quality of control by discrete tune invariant minimum variance regulation 1982 / 2. szám Doležal, J.: Necessary optimality conditions for a class of nondifferentiable discrete control problems Kleimenov, A. F.: Equilibrium coalitional mixed strategies in differential games of m players Pethő, A. - Reményi, Gy.: On a method for establishing the minimum distance of Abelian codes Mazurov, V. D. - Frolov, V. N. - Satchkov, N. O.: On some procedures of production optimization including identification of restrictions Spal, J.: Applications of modified fuzzy sets Medvedev, V. S. - Puzanov, V. P.: Splinefunction application for the optimization of the programmed control of dynamic systems 1982 / 3. szám Tretyakov, V. E.: A stochastic program approximation of a value of a determinate positional differential game Filipiak, J.: Optimization of dynamic flows in networks of hierarchical structure Hangos, K. M.: Sensitivity of discrete linear stochastic systems with respect to parameter variations of their discrete linear regulator Pakshin, P. V.: Optimal linear control of discrete-time systems with random jump parameters Sinha, N. K. - El-Nahas, I. - Alden, R. T. H.: Routh approximation of multivariable systems Kopysov, O. Yu. - Prokopov, E. I. - Pupkov, K. A.: Identification of parameters and the state of one class of nonlinear systems Pátek, B.: On the robustness of minimum distance decoding Fifth All-Union Conference on Statistical Methods in Control Theory Book review 1982 / 4. szám Yemelyanov, S. V. -Korovin. S. K. - Sizikov, V. I.: Control of nonstationary plants with coordinate-parametric and parametric feedbacks Krasovskii, N. N. - Tret'jakov, V. E.: Control solution with optimal ensured result Botkin. N. D.: Evaluation of numerical construction error in differential game with fixed terminal time Doležal, J.: On the problem of necessary conditions for static minmax problems Ahlswede, R.: Remarks on Shannon's secrecy systems Khachatrian, G. G.: On the construction of codes for noiseless synchronized 2-user channel Kutoyants, Yu. A.: Multidimensional parameter estimation of the intensity function of inhomogeneous Poisson processes 1982 / 5. szám Ahlswede, R. - Dueck, G.: Bad codes are good ciphers Poltyrev, G. Sh.: Tightness of the random coding bounds for broadcast channels Dyachkov, A. G. - Poltyrev, G. Sh.: Error probability asymptotics for an ensemble of codes with dependent codewords Nikol'skii, M. S.: Stroboscopical strategies and the first direct method of L. S. Pontrjagin in quasilineas nonstationary differential games of pursuit-evading Bakule, L.: On a new hierarchical structure for large-scale systems design Bouchon, B. - Cohen, G. - Frankl, P.: Metrical properties of fuzzy relations 1982 / 6. szám Vaněček, A.: State space construction of recursive identification Siluyanova, I. D.: The finite-dimensional distributions o the outputs of one class of non-linear systems Botkin, N. D. - Patsko, V. S.: Universal strategy in a differential game with fixed terminal time Nguyen Quang A.: Estimating the transmission delay in queueing type packet concentrators with finite buffer size Shin, V. I.: Decomposition of non-linear stochastic systems described by differential equations Hrušák, J. - Mošna, J. - Janeček, E. - Šimandl, m.: Strip.thickness adaptive control for cold-rolling mills

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Additional Information: Problems of Control and Information Theory, Vol. 11. (Budapest, 1982)
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T Technology / alkalmazott, műszaki tudományok > TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering / elektrotechnika, elektronika, atomtechnika
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