Acta Oeconomica, 1980

Acta Oeconomica, 25 - 1980. ISSN 0001-6373


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1-2. szám I. T. BEREND: Hungary’s Road to the Seventies M. TARDOS: The Role of Money: Economic Relations between the State and the Enterprises in Hungary M. LAKI: End-Year Rush Work in Hungarian Industry and Foreign Trade J. TÍMÁR: About Commuting S. PÁSZTOR: How Open the Hungarian Economy Is: an International Comparison L. CSABA: Impacts of World Economic Changes on the CMEA L. SZAMUELY Trends of Social Development in Advanced Capitalist Countries up to the Turn of the Millennium REVIEWS R. NYERS: Small Enterprises in Socialist Hungary K. SZIKRA FALUS: Wage Differentials in Hungary COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS L. DRECHSLER: Biassed Profession or Biassed Critique? P. KÖVES: Do We Measure Development Correctly? M. ZAFÍR: The Growth Rate as Reflected in “Recent Investigations” A. BRÓDY On the Discussion about Measurement-A Rejoinder L. ZELKÓ: International Value-International Prices (L. CSABA) G. KOVÁCS: Future Research and Social Planning (Á. SCHMIDT) A. GIMES BURGER: Consumption of and Demand for Vegetables and Fruits (I. BENET) M. LA VIGNE: Les relations économiques East-Ouest (E. KEMENES) 3-4. szám P. ERDŐS: Non-Classical Crises in the Post-War US Economy J. KORNAI : “Hard” and “Soft” Budget Constraint I. SCHWEITZER: On the Economic Nature of a Shortage Phenomenon E. ZALAI: Heterogeneous Labour and the Determination of Value I. FENYŐVÁRI: On the Hungarian Financial System P. CHVOJKA: General Problems of Interdependence among Individual Components of the CMEA International Monetary System C. LUFT: Interrelation of Planning and Commodity-Monetary Elements in the Development of Socialist Economic Integration S. RICHTER : Hungary’s Foreign Trade with EMEA Partners in Convertible Currency ECONOMISTS AND ECONOMIC THOUGHT A. MADARÁSZ: Schumpeter’s Theory of Economic Development REVIEWS L. CSABA: International Conference on the Development of the CMEA Financial System GY. ENYEDI: Industrial Activities in Large-Scale Farms I. DEÁK–S. HAZADI–Mrs. J. NÉMETH: Meat Production and Consumption in Hungary BOOK REVIEWS I. WIESEL–J. WILCSEK: The Development of the Monetary System and Convertibility (L. CSABA) A. SCHÜLLER–U. WAGNER: Außenwirtschaftspolitik und Stabilisierung von Wirtschaftssystemen (A. INOTAI) F. -L. ALTMANN–H. CLEMENT: Die Kompensation als Instrument im Ost-West-Handel (A. INOTAI) L. ZURAWICKI: Multinational Enterprises in the West and East (É. KERPEL) E. LASZLO et al.: The Obstacles to the New International Economic Order. E. LASZLO–J. KURTZMAN (eds): Eastern Europe and the New International Economic Order (M. LOSONCZ) D. B. H. DENOON (ed.): The New International Economic Order – a U. S. Response (M. UNGI)

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 25. (1980) - Repertórium 21-25. kötet
Subjects: H Social Sciences / társadalomtudományok > HB Economic Theory / közgazdaságtudomány
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