Acta Oeconomica, 1979

Acta Oeconomica, 22 - 1979. ISSN 0001-6373


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1979 / 1-2. szám Huszár, I.: Reflections on the 1979 National Economic Plan (Some Experiences of 1978) Nyers, R. - Tardos M.: What Economic Development Policy Should We Adopt? Fenyővári, I.: The Role of Profit in the Hungarian Economy Révész, G.: Enterprise and Plant Size. Structure of the Hungarian Industry Juhász, J.: Impact of the Consumer Price System on the Income and Consumption Patterns in Hungary Szakolczai, Gy. - Losonczy, S. - Hulyák, K. - Muszély, Gy.: Classical Models of Consumption Analysis and of Pricing Consumers' Goods in Hungary Enyedi, Gy.: Economic Policy and Regional Development in Hungary Simai, M.: The Public Sector and the International Economic Positions of Developing Countries Becsky, Gy.: Duality of the U. S. Trade Policy REVIEWS Cseres, N.: Role of the Hungarian Vegetable and Fruit Sector in the CMEA BOOK REVIEWS Simai, M.: Mutual Dependence and Conflicts in World Economy (Becsky, Gy.) Hoch, R.: Consumption and Price (Radnóti, É.) Korán, I.: Economic Forecasting. - Besenyei, L. - Gidai, E. - Nováky, E.: Futures Research and Forecasting in Practice - Borli K. - Sipos B.: Forecasting for Industrial Enterprises with Methods of Mathematical Statistics (Schmidt, Á.) 1979 / 3-4. szám Dániel, Zs.: Reflection on the Development and Composition of the National Wealth of Hungary Hoch, R.: Further Reflections on the Development and Composition of the National Wealth of Hungary Laky, T.: Enterprises in Bargaining Position Héthy, L.: Selection of Enterprise Executives in Hungary: A Case-Study Hegedüs, A. - Márkus, M.: The Small Entrepreneur and Socialism Gábor, I. R.: The Second (Secondary) Economy Román, Z.: Selection of Indicators for Comparison of Productivity Levels Csahók, G. - Muraközi, E.: Fundamental Economic Interrelations Underlying the Development of the World Market Prices of Primary Energy Hegedüs, M.: Interdependencies between Energy Economy and Sectoral Structure REVIEWS Nyilas, A. - Rába, A.: Some Features of the Hungarian Economy in the Late 1970s Komlósy, E. - Nyers, J.: International Comparison of the Technological Level of Industry BOOK REVIEWS Renversez, F. - Lavigne, M. (ed.): Régulation et division internationale du travail-l'expérience hongroise (Koltay J.) Bekker, Zs.: Growth Paths-Dynamic Branches (Gergely, J.) Csizmadia, E. - Székely, M.: Enterprise Management and Economic Control in Agriculture (Forgács, K.) Gönczi, I.: Farming Systems of the Industrializing Agriculture in Hungary (Benet, I.)

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 22. (1979)
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