Acta Oeconomica, 1978

Acta Oeconomica, 21 - 1978. ISSN 0001-6373


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1978 / 1-2. szám Román Zoltán: Industrial Policy in Hungary - Today and Tomorrow Zala Júlia: International Cooperation and Industrial Development in Europe Ray, George Frank: The Future Course of Industrial Development: Some Problems ans Dilemmas Bálint József: Productivity and Labour Situation in Hungary Székffy Klára: Relation between Wages and Productivity in the Hungarian Industry between 1950 and 1974 Fekete Ferenc - Sebestyén Katalin: Organization and Recent Development in Hungarian Agriculture Tóth A. Ernő: Small-Scale Agricultural Production in Hungary and Efficiency of the Agro-Industrial Complex Berend T. Iván - Stark Antal - Tordai Ildikó: Hungarian Higher Education in Economics: Its Past, Present and Future Fogaras István: The Population's Savings Deposits in the European CMEA Countries REVIEWS Váncsa Jenő: Material Consumption and Its Efficiency in Hungarian Agriculture The Second International Conference on Industrial Economics Palánkai Tibor: Scientific Session the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Karl Marx University of Economics, Budapest BOOK REVIEWS Tóth D. J.: Bálint, J.: Társadalmi rétegződés és jövedelmek (Social Strata and Incomes) Major I.: Johansen, L.: Lectures on macroeconomic Planning. Part 2 - Centralization, Decentralization, Planning under Uncertaintry. Botos, K.: Brabant, J. M. van: East-European Cooperation. The Role of Money and Finance. New York-Washington-London, 1977. BOOKS RECEIVED About the Authors 1978 / 3. szám Csikós-Nagy Béla: Contribution to the Theory of price Mechanism Hoós János: Economic Growth and Equilibrium: The Case of Hungary Drecin József - Tar József: Investment Experience During the 1976-1980 Five-Year Plan in Hungary Soós Károly Attila: Some General Problems of the Hungarian Investment System Bauer Tamás: Investment Cycles in Planned Economies Bródy András: A Linearised Model of the Cycle REVIEWS Sándor Anna: Hungarian-Dutch Round-Table Conference Pecze Ferenc: The Labour Research Institute of the Ministry of Labour BOOK REVIEWS Tóthfalusi A.: Csizmadia, E.: Socialist Agriculture in Hungary. Palánkai Tibor: Simai, M. - Garam, K. (eds.): Economic Integration: Concepts, Theories and Problems. Inotai András: Levcik F. (ed.): International Economics - Comparisons and Interdependences. Wien-New York, 1978. Springer-Verl. (Studien über Wirtschafts- und Systemvergleiche. Geist R.: Levcik, F. - Stankovsky, J.: industrielle Kooperation zwischen ost und West. Soós Károly Attila: Lavigne, M. (ed.): Economie Politique de la Planification en Systeme Socialiste. BOOKS RECEIVED About the Authors 1978 / 4. szám In Memoriam István Friss Köves András: Socialist Economy and World Economy Tömpe István: On the Economic Nature of Investment Contributions between CMEA-Countries Kádár Béla: Interrelations between Structural Transformation and Socio-Economic Development Szamuely László: Industrial Democracy in Western Europe: Effects and Contradictions Inotai András: Reflections on the Fifth Anniversary of the Oil Price Explosion Szilágyi György: factor-Analytical Comparison of Economic Level and Structure REVIEWS Marton Ádám: Hungarian Foreign Trade Prices in the 1970s Dobozi I.: The Fourth Conference of Economists of Hungary and the United States "Human Resources, Employment and Development" (Sixth World Congress of the International Economic Association, Mexiko City, 1980) BOOK REVIEWS Péter E.: Huszár, E.: Protekcionizmus és nemzetközi kereskedelem. Vámok, szubvenciók, mennyiségi korlátozások, devizális eszközök, preferenciák (Protectionism and International Trade. Customs, Subsidies, Quantity restrictions, Foreign Exchange Means, Preferences) Benet I.: Pillis, P.: Mezőgazdasági modellek (Agricultural models) Botos K.: Kuschpeta, O.: The Banking and Credit System of the USSR. BOOKS RECEIVED About the authors

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