Acta Oeconomica, 1994

Acta Oeconomica, 46 - 1994. ISSN 0001-6373


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1994 / 1-2. szám Nagy András: Import Liberalization in Hungary Mihályi Péter: Common Patterns and Particularities in Privatisation: A Progress Report on the Transition Economies Voszka Éva: The Revival of Redistribution in Hungary Karsai Judit: Its Code-Name is Financial Reorganisation (How to handle the corporate crisis?) Ábel István - Bonin, John P.: State Desertion and Credit Market Failure in the Hungarian Transition Várhegyi Éva: Monetary and Banking Policy During the Period of the Antall Government Galasi Péter: Individual Time Allocation (A Labour Supply Model) Kovács Ilona: Did we Indeed Consume too Much? Bródy András: Old Hungarian Prints or does the 200 Year Cycle Exits? REVIEWS Hamar Judit: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Privatization in Hungary Radičová, I.: Attitudes to the Present Economic Situation in Slovakia OBITUARIES Erdős Tibor: In memoriam Tamás Nagy Sipos A.: Róbert Hoch (1926-1993) Szamuely L.: Ferenc Molnár (1923-1994) BOOK REVIEWS Lányi K.: Donáth, F.: A Márciusi Fronttól Monorig. Tanulmányok, vázlatok, emlékezések. (From the March Front to Monor. Essays, sketches, memories.) Halpern, L.: Oblath, G.: Külföldi eladósodás és az adósságkezelés makrogazdasági problémái Magyarországon. (Foreign indebtedness and the macroeconomic problems of debt management in Hungary) KOPINT-DATORG Műhelytanulmányok No. 8. July 1992. 56. p. ; Nyers, R. (ed.): Külső eladósodás és adósságkezelés Magyarországon (External indebtedness and debt management in Hungary) Magyar Nemzeti Bank Műhelytanulmányok 2. Székely, P. - Newbery, M. G. (eds.): Hungary: an economy in transition. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press - Centre for Economic Policy Research. Csaba László: Portes, R. (ed.): Economic transformation in Central Europe. A Progress Report. A joint publication of the Commision of the European Communities (Brussels) and the Centre for Economic Policy research (london) Tóth: van Brabant, J. M.: Privatizing Eastern Europe. The Role of Markets and Ownership in the Transition. International Studies in Economics and Econometrics Lányi K.: Swaan, W.: Behaviour and Institutions under Economic Reform. Price regulation and Market Behaviour in Hungary. BOOKS RECEIVED About the Authors 1994 / 3-4. szám Major Iván: From Credit Vouchers to the Small Investors Share-Purchase Programme Kopits, George: Midway in the Transition Koltay Jenő: Unemployment and Employment Policy in Central and Eastern Europe: Similarities and Differences Bruszt László: Reforming Alliances: Labour, Management, and State Bureaucracy in Hungary's Economic Transition Gábor R. István: Small Entrepreneurship in Hungary - Ailing or Prospering? (Historical and Contextual Dependencies in Comparative Perspective Laki Mihály: Firm Behaviour During a Long Transitional recession Knirsch, Peter: Foreign Direct Investment and the Reconstruction of the Economies of Central Europe Kouba, Karel: Systemic Changes in the Czech Economy after Four Years (1990-1993) Andrášik, Ladislav - Outrata, Richard: Independent Slovakia and its Involvement with European Economic Structures REVIEWS Fertő Imre: The Transition in Agriculture BOOK REVIEWS Török Ádám: Csaba L.: Az összeomlás forgatókönyvei. A rendszerátalakítás alkalmazott közgazdaságtana (The scenarios of collapse. Applied economics of systemic changes) Pete P.: Bates, R. H. - Krueger, A. O. (eds.): Political and Economic Interactions in Economic Policy Reform. Evidence from Eight Countries. Kiss Y.: Somogyi, L. (ed.): The Political Economy of the Transition Process in Eastern Europe. Ványai Judit: Brada, J. C. - Singh, I. - Török, Á.: Firms Afloat and Firms Adrift. Hungarian Industry and the Economic Transition. Series on the Microeconomics of the Transition Economies. BOOKS RECEIVED About the Authors

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