Acta Oeconomica, 1988

Acta Oeconomica, 39 - 1988. ISSN 0001-6373


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1988 / 1-2. szám Editorial Köves András: The External Economic Environment and Programme of Stabilization in Hungary (Thoughts After the Preparation of a Forecast) Nagy András: Why does not it Work? Inotai András: International Competitiveness and Imports Tardos Márton: Can Hungary's Monetary Policy Succeed Oblath Gábor: Exchange Rate Policy in the Reform Package Greskovits Béla: Western Technological Policies and the Approach of Hungarian Industrial Policy Schweitzer Iván: Will the Industrial Pyramid be Set Afoot? (The Development of Enterprise Size Structure in Hungarian Industry in the 1980s Lányi Kamilla: Enterprise Behaviour in the 1980s: Beliefs and Reality (Some Conclusions of Recent Case Studies) Csaba László: Restructuring of the Soviet Foreign Trade Mechanism and Possibilities for Interfirm Cooperation in the CMEA Bauer Tamás: Deceleration, Dependency and "Depaternalization" Some Considerations Concerning the Changes of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the Coming Decades Palócz Éva: Services in the World Economy REVIEWS Sallai R. - Schweitzer Iván: World Economic Environment and the Hungarian Economy: A Conference BOOK REVIEWS Török Á.: Szamuely, L. (ed.): A magyar közgazdasági gondolat fejlődése, 1954-1978. (The Development of Economic Thought in Hungary: 1954-1978. Research of the Mechanism of a Socialism Economy) Seton, F.: Cost, Use and Value. The Evaluation of Performance, Structure and Prices across Time, Space and Economic Systems with a Special Annex. Clarendon Press. Tóthfalusi A.: Andreff, W.: Les Multinationales (The Multinationals) Ed. Le Découverte. BOOKS RECEIVED About the Authors 1988 / 3-4. szám Sipos Aladár - Halmai Péter: Organization System and economic Mechanism in Hungarian Agriculture Fekete Ferenc: The Performances of Hungarian Agrarian Production Systems and the Income Producing Capacity of the Partner Farms Laky Teréz: Half-Hearted Organizational Decentralization: The Small State Enterprise Balázs Katalin: Market-Oriented Scientific Research and Development After the Economic Reform Andorka Rudolf: Economic Difficulties - Economic Reform - Social Effects and Preconditions Wolf, Thomas A.: The Simultaneity of the Effects of Devaluation: Implications for Modified Planned Economies Kovács János - Tarján Tamás: Cycle and Replacement Szamuely László: The After-Life of Nep REVIEWS Szőke Gy.: A chapter of Recent Economic History-Mergers of Agricultural Cooperatives Over Two Decades in Hungary Lukács O.: Hungarian Trade in Consumer Goods-Some Questions Related to Changes in Enterprise Structure BOOK REVIEWS Andreff, W.: Kornai, J. - Richet, X. (ed.): La Voie Hongroise. Analyses et expérimentations économiques (The Hungarian Path. Economic Analyses and Experiments) Collection Perspectives Economiques. Calmann-Lévy. Szabó J.: Soós, K. A.: Terv, kampány, pénz-szabályozás és konjunktúraciklusok Magyarországon és Jugoszláviában (Plan, Campaign, Money-Regulation and Business Cycles in Hungary and Yugoslavia) Közgazd. és Jogi Kvk. Ozsvald É. - Kiss A.: Szalai J.. Az egészségügy betegségei (The Diseases of Public Helath) Közgazd. és Jogi Kvk. Tóthfalusi A.: Marer, P.: East-West Technology Transfer. Study of Hungary, 1968-1984. OECD. Török Á.: Tolonen, Y.: On Macroeconomic Consequences of Trade with Centrally Planned Economies. Turun Yliopiston Julkaisuja - Annales Universitatis Turkuensis B/176. Ehrlich É.: Berend T. I. - Bánki Gy.: Európa gazdasága a 19 században, 1780-1914. (The Economy of Europe in the 19th Century (1780-1914) Gondolat K. BOOK REVIEWS About the Authors

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 39. (1988)
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