Acta Oeconomica, 1987

Acta Oeconomica, 38 - 1987. ISSN 0001-6373


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1987 / 1-2. szám Hagelmayer, I.: The Causes of Inflation in Hungary and the Prospects for its Reduction Simon, A.: An Input-Output Analysis of Prices in the Hungarian Economy between 1981-1985 Antal, L. - Surányi, Gy.: The Prehistory of the Reform of Hungary's Banking System Bokros, L.: The Conditions on the Development of Businesslike Behaviour in a Two-Tier Banking System Falus-Szikra, K.: Hungarian Wage Relations: an International Comparison Kertesi, G. - Cukor, E.: Interfirm Wage Differentials in Hungary: Causes and Consequences Vince, P.: Transformation of Industrial Organization-Without Genuine Changes Gábor, I. R. - Horváth, T. D.: Failure and Retreat in the Hungarian Private Small-Scale Industry Simonovits, A.: Investment Cycles: a New Interpretation of an Old Model OBITUARY Oblath, G.: In Memoriam Nicholas Kaldor BOOK REVIEWS Falus-Szikra, K.: The Present and Future of Small Property (Révész, G.) Török, Á.: Comparative Advantages. International Cases, Hungarian Experience (Salgó, I.) Drexler, A. (ed.): Modernisierung der Planwirtschaft. Konzepte, Trends und Erfahrungen in Osteuropa (Friedländer, M.) Comisso, E. - Tyson D'A. (eds): Power, Purpose and Collective Choice. Economic Strategy in Socialist States (Soós, K. A.) 1987 / 3-4. szám Editorial A DEBATE ON "CHANGE AND REFORM" Antal, L. - Bokros, L. - Csillag, I. - Lengyel, L. - Matolcsy, Gy.: Change and Reform Comments and Contributions Angyal, Á. Buza, M. Ferge, Zs. Hoch, R. Kemenes, E. Tarafás, I. Stand Taken by the Economic Panel of the Central Committee of the HSWP FROM THE DEBATE ON PERSONAL INCOME TAX Personal Income Tax in Hungary (M. K.) Gergely, I.: Personal Income Tax, Yes - but How? Kupa, M.: Personal Income Tax: Principles and Debates Richter, S.: The Development of Hungarian-Soviet Economic Relations Rácz, M.: The Mechanism of Hungarian-Soviet Economic Relations Suba, J. - Varga: "Dycles" in Hungary's Trade with the Developed Western Countries Bródy, A. - Farkas, M.: Forms of Economic Motion Galasi, P. - Kertesi, G.: The Spread of Bribery in a Centrally Planned Economy REVIEWS Nyers, R. - Révész, G. - Sipos, A.: Report on the Project " Scientific Foundations of the Further Development of Economic Policy "

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 38. (1987)
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