Acta Oeconomica, 1985

Acta Oeconomica, 35 - 1985. ISSN 0001-6373


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1985 / 1-2. szám Nyers, R.: National Economic Objectives and the Reform Process in Hungary in the Eighties Hoós, J.: Alternatives of Growth and Priorities in the 7th Five-Year Plan of Hungary (1986-1990) Tardos, M.: Question Marks in Hungarian Fiscal and Monetary Policy (1979-1984) Tarafás, I. - Szabó, J.: Hungary's Exchange Rate Policy in the 1980s Román, Z.: Productivity Growth and Its Slowdown in the Hungarian Economy Halpern, L. - Molnár, Gy.: Income Formation, Accumulation and Price Trends in Hungary in the 1970s Podkaminer, L.: Investment Cycles in Centrally Planned Economies: An Explanation Invoking Consumer Market Disequilibrium and Labour Shortage Csáki, Cs.: An Outlook of Food Suppl and Demand in the CMEA Countries Oblath, G. - Pete, P.: Trade with the Soviet Union: the Finnish Case REVIEWS Laki, M.: Central Economic Management and Enterprise Crisis in Hungary OBITUARY Lord Thomas Balogh (1905-1985) (Csikós-Nagy, B.) BOOK REVIEWS Csaba, L.: Economic Mechanism in the GDR and in Czechoslovakia. A Comparative Analysis (Kouba, K.) Lavigne, M.: Economie internationale des pays socialistes (Török, Á.) Rode, R. - Jacobsen H. D. (Hg.): Wirtschaftskrieg oder Entspannung? Eine politische Bilanz der Ost-West-Wirtschaftsbeziehungen (Inotai, A.) 1985 / 3-4. szám Petschnig, M.: Causes of Difficulties in Changing the Normal State of the Hungarian Economy Hoch, R.: The Maxi and the Mini (Reflections on the Hungarian Debate on Large Firms) Galasi, P. - Kertesi, G.: Second Economy, Competition, Inflation Szakolczai, Gy. - Bagdy, G. - Vindics, J.: Dependence of the Hungarian Economic Performance on the World Economy. Facts and Economic Policy Inferences Kovács, I.: International Comparison of Consumption Patterns by Cluster Analysis Zalai, E.: Joint Production and Labour Values Bródy, A. - Martinás, K. - Sajó, K.: An Essay in Macroeconomics Köves, A.: Some Questions of Energy Policy in East European Countries Nagy, A.: Changes in the Structure and Intensity of East-West Trade REVIEWS Nyers, J. - Szatmári, T.: The Exploitation of Licences and Economic Policy in Hungary A New Periodical of Economics: Forum for Planning (A. Sz.) New about the Hungarian Economic Science BOOK REVIEWS Voszka, É.: Interest and Interdependence. Experiences of Reorganizations (Laki, M.) Csillag, I. - Lengyel, L.: Enterprise, State, Society (Király, Gy.) Höhmann, H.-H. - Vogel, H. (Hg.): Osteuropas Wirtschaftprobleme und die Ost-West Beziehungen (Csaba, L.) Machowski, H. (Hg.): Harmonisierung der Wirtschaftspolitik in Osteuropa (Inotai, A.)

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 35. (1985) - Repertórium 31-35. kötet
Subjects: H Social Sciences / társadalomtudományok > HB Economic Theory / közgazdaságtudomány
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