Acta Oeconomica, 1985

Acta Oeconomica, 34 - 1985. ISSN 0001-6373


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1985 / 1-2. szám Csizmadia, E.: Recent Experiences of Cooperative Farming in Hungary Falus-Szikra, K.: Small Enterprises in Private Ownership in Hungary Laky, T.: Enterprise Business Work Partnership and Enterprise Interest Bársony, J. - Síklaky, I.: Some Reflections on Socialist Entrepreneurship Csillag, I. - Szalai, E.: Basic Elements of an Anti-Monopoly Policy Román, Z.: The Conditions of Market Competition in the Hungarian Industry Köves, A.: The Import Restriction Squeeze and Import Maximizing Ambitions Schüller, A. - Hamel, H.: On the Membership of Socialist Countries in the International Monetary Fund Kloten, N.: International Indebtedness: Trends and Prospects COMMENTS AND CRITICISM Kornai, J.: On the Explanatory Theory of Shortage. Comments on Two Articles by Soós, K. A. Soós, K. A.: A Rejoinder to Kornai, János REVIEWS Surányi. E. - Járai, Zs.: Bonds in Hungary OBITUARY Csizmadia, Ernő (1924-1984) BOOK REVIEWS Pásztor, S.: Foreign Trade and Development Policy (Gyöngyössy, I.) Lőrinc-Istvánffy, H.: International Flows of Loan Capital and the Money Markets (Halm, T.) Kosta, J.: Wirtschaftssysteme des realen Sozialismus. Probleme und Alternativen. Bergmann, T. - Gey, P. - Quiaisser, W. (Hrsg.): Sozialistische Agrarpolitik. Vergleichs- und Einzelstudien zur agrarpolitischen Entwicklung in der Sowjetunion, Polen, Ungarn, China und Kuba (Inotai, A.) Antola, E. - Tuusvuori, O.: West European Integration and Finland. Möttölä, K. - Bykov, O. N. - Korolev, I. S. (eds): Finnish-Soviet Economic Relations (Tolonen, Y.) 1985 / 3-4. szám Havasi, F.: The Economic Situation of Hungary and the Tasks to Be Faced Bognár, J.: Evolution of Conception about Economic Policy and Control in Hungary in the Past Decades Vámos, T.: Problems and Responses in the Mirror of Technical Progress in Hungary During the Last Forty Years Kádár, B.: Hungarian Industrial Development in the Light of World Economic Changes Bauer, T.: Reform Policy in the Complexity of Economic Policy Antal, L.: About the Property Incentive Tarafás, I.: The Possibility and Conditions of an Anti-Inflationary Economic Policy in Hungary Lányi, K.: Hungarian Agriculture: Export Surplus or Superfluous Growth? Dyba, K.: Adjustment to International Disturbances: Czechoslovakia and Hungary Richter, S.: Trade with the Soviet Union: the Case of Austria REVIEWS Szabó-Medgyesi, É.: Non-Agricultural Activities of Agricultural Enterprises in Hungary Varga, Gy.: Thirty Years of the Research Institute of Agrarian Economics BOOK REVIEWS Csaba, L.: Eastern Europe in the World Economy. Adjustment and the Economic Mechanism (Török, Á.) Bélley, L.: Economic Control and Development of the Infrastructure (Mátrai, M.) Botos, B. - Papanek, G.: Question Mrks of Hungarian Industrial Development (Kállay, L.) Dobozi, I.: Raw Materials and Fuels in the World Economy (Balkay, B.) Wickham, S.: L'économie mondiale (Kemenes, E.) Sokoloff, G. : L'économie de la détente : l'USSR et la capital occidental (Kőrösi, I.)

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 34. (1985)
Subjects: H Social Sciences / társadalomtudományok > HB Economic Theory / közgazdaságtudomány
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