Acta Oeconomica, 1983

Acta Oeconomica, 31 - 1983. ISSN 0001-6373


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1983 / 1-2. szám Csikós-Nagy, B.: Liquidity Troubles and Economic Consolidation in Hungary Bácskai, T. - Várhegyi, É.: Monetization of the Hungarian Economy Hajpál, Gy.: Valuation of the Economic Role of the Human Factor Bródy, A.: About Investment Cycles and their Attenuation Sipos, A.: Relations between Enterprises in the Agro-Industrial Sphere in Hungary Gönczi, I.: Division of Labour and Work Organization in the Hungarian Large-Scale Agricultural Production Dániel, Zs.: Public Housing, Personal Income and Central Redistribution in Hungary Knirsch, P.: Political and Economic Determinants of East-West Economic Relations COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS Köves, A.: "Implicit Subsidies" and Some Issues of Economic Relations within the CMEA BOOK REVIEWS Kornai, J. - Martos, B. (eds): Non Price Control. Kornai, J.: Growth, Shortages and Efficiency (Medvegyev, P.) Berend, T. I.: Seeking New Economic Ways. 1956-1965. The History of the Hungarian Model of a Socialist Economy (Révész, G.) Inzelt, A.: Competitiveness and Changes in the Industrial Structure (Marosán Gy. Jr.) Gyöngyössy, I.: Functioning of the Contemporary International Monetary System (Brüll, M.) Machlup, F.: Knowledge: Its Creation, Distribution and Economic Significance. Knowledge ant Knowledge Production (Mándi, P.) 1983 / 3-4. szám Mátyás, A.: Similarities between the Economic Theories of Marx and Keynes Nyitrai, V.: Industrial Structure and Structural Change in Hungary Matits, Á. - Temesi, J.: Changes in Economic Regulators and Enterprise Reactions Tímár, J.: Problems of Full Employment Csizmadia, M.: New Features of the Enterprise Structure in the Hungarian Agriculture and Food Industry Rusmich, L.: Value Aspects of the Development of Socialist Integration Inotai, A.: Changes in the Commodity Pattern of Intraregional Trade in the European Economic Community Ghosh, D.: Planning for Employment in a Developing Economy INTERVIEW Furgeri, I. - Betlen, J.: The Past, Present and Future of the East-European Economies: The Hungarian Case. An Interview with Rezső Nyers REVIEWS Rejtő, G.: A Debate in Hungary on the Possibilities of Cooperation with Western Firms (1982-1983) BOOK REVIEWS Assorodobraj-Kula, N. - Bobrowski, Cz. - Hagemeyer, H. - Kula, W. - Łoś, J. (eds): Studies in Economic Theory and Practice (Szegő, A.) Asselain, J.-CH.: Plan et profit en économie socialiste (Cseh, M.) Simon, Gy.: Economic Policy and Economic Development Regularities (Báger, G.) Horáth, L. - Csath, M.: Strategic Planning-Theory and Practice (Bod, P. Á.) Becsky, Gy.: America ant the World Economic Challenge (Kádár, B.)

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 31. (1983)
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