Acta Oeconomica, 1983

Acta Oeconomica, 30 - 1983. ISSN 0001-6373


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1983 / 1. szám Bognár, J.: Is it Possibe to Recover from the World Economic Crisis? Simai, M.: Stages of Internationalization Nyers, R.: Tendencies of Tradition and Reform in CMEA Cooperation Csaba, L.: Adjustment to the World Economy in Eastern Europe Csikós-Nagy, B.: Hungary's Adjustment to the New World Market Relations Köves, A. - Oblath, G.: Hungarian Foreign Trade in the 1970's Kádár, B.: Changes in the World Economic Environment and Hungarian Industry BOOK REVIEWS Kozma, F.: Economic Integration and Economic Strategy (Somogyi, D.) Erdős, P. - Molnár F.: Inflation and Crises in the US Economy of the 1970s (Erdős, T.) Simai, M.: Developing Countries and Economic Decolonization (Magas, I.) 1983 / 2. szám Kornai, J.: Equilibrium as a Category of Economics Csikós-Nagy, B. - Rácz, L.: Rise of the Price Level and its Factors in Hungary Mérey, I.: Hungarian Export Problems and the Economic Environment Drechsler L. - Ipach, E. - Szabó, R. - Szatmári, T.: Production Cooperations among CMEA Countries: Aims and Realities Végvári, J.: The Role of the CMEA in Hungarian Foreign Trade Major, I.: Tensions in Transportation and the Development Level of Transport in Some Socialist Countries Sláma, J.: Gravitsy Model and its Estimations for International Flows of Engineering Products, Chemicals and Patent Applications REVIEWS Nyilas, A.: Empirical Research in Hungarian Economics BOOK REVIEWS Lavigne M. (ed.): ravail et monnaie en systéme socialista (Soós, K. A.) Hoch, R. - Kovács, I. - Ördög, M. : Consumption and Income (Radnóti É.) Ferge Zs.: Social Reproduction and Social Policy (Andorka, R.) Laky, T.: Interest Relations in Enterprise Decisions (Laki, M.) Schweitzer, I.: Enterprise Size (Csaba, L.) 1983 / 3-4. szám Editorial Note Faluvégi, L.: Actual Concerns and Responsibility of the Hungarian Planners Kádár, B.: World Economic Situation of the 1980s and Conclusions on the Development of the Hungarian Economy Mosóczy, R.: Possibilities of and Trends in the Development of International Economic Cooperation in the 1980s Vissi, F.: Major Questions of the Improvement of Economic Control and Management in Hungary in the Mid-Eighties Antal, L.: Conflicts of Financial Planning and Regulation in Hungary (The "Nature" of Restrictions) Soós, K. A.: The Problem of Time Lags in the Short-Term Control of Macroeconomic Processes Major, I.: The Years 1978-1981 and the "Long Stages" in the Development of the Hungarian Economy Berend, I.: The Renewal Cycle of Fixed Assets Under the Conditions of the 1980s in Hungary Kőszegi, L.: Planning the Production Sphere in Hungary Under the New Conditions Ferge, Zs.: Cooperation and Conflict Between Researchers and Planners in Social Policy Zalai, E.: Adaptability of Nonlinear Equilibrium Models to Central Planning Vellai, Gy. - Veliczky, J.: A Statistical Analysis of the "Openness" of Economic Processes

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 30. (1983) - Repertórium 26-30. kötet
Subjects: H Social Sciences / társadalomtudományok > HB Economic Theory / közgazdaságtudomány
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