Acta Oeconomica, 1982

Acta Oeconomica, 28 - 1982. ISSN 0001-6373


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1982 / 1-2. szám Héthy, L.: Economic Policy and Wage-System in Hungary Szikra Falus, K.: Some Human Factors of Innovation in Hungary Inzelt, A.: Economic Sensitivity in Technological Development in Hungary Bihari, P.: On (Structural) Unemployment Kertesi, G. : Two Types of Development of Small-Scale Industry in Hungary Laki, M.: Liquidation and Merger in the Hungarian Industry Havas, G.: Public Savings and Production Finance Fábri, E.: Superficial Changes and Deep Tendencies in Inventory Processes in Hungary Winiecki, J.: Investment Cycles and an Excess Demand Inflation in Planned Economies: Sources and Processes Lakos, I.: Hungarian Export Performance in Western Countries REVIEWS Szikszay, B.: Aspects of the International Coordination of National Economic Plans Mándi, P.: The Third EADI Conference Held in Budapest COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS Krasznai, Z.: Transnational Enterprises in the New World Economic Situation BOOK REVIEWS Kozma, F.: The Structurally Open Economy (Palánkai, T.) Tardos, M. (ed.): Enterprise Behaviour - Enterprise Environment (Székffy, K.) Bossányi, K. - Kovács, M. - Varga, A.: From the Life of Hungarian Enterprises (Laki, M.) Kupa, M.: Income Distribution, State Budget, Economic Processes (Csaba, L.) Vilkas, E. Y. - Mayminas, E. Z.: Decision: Theory, Information, Modelling (Simonovits, A.) 1982 / 3-4. szám Erdős, T.: The Rate of Growth and its New Path in Hungary Tardos, M.: Development Program for Economic Control and Organization in Hungary Bélyácz, I.: Contradictions between the Investment System and the Requirements of Intensive Development in Hungary Gács, J.: Passive Purchasing Behaviour and Possibilities of Adjustment in the Hungarian Industry Lányi, K.: Some Problems Entrepreneurship in the Hungarian Economy Kónya, L.: Income Regulation of Small Industrial Cooperatives in Hungary Fink, G.: Determinants of Sectoral Investment Allocation in Hungary Jánossy, F.: An Evolutionary Alternative Gara, J.: The Social Policy Aspects of the Centralized Redistribution of Income in Capitalism COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS Bársony, J.: Tibor Liska's Concept, the Socialist Entrepreneurship Kornai, J.: Comments on Tibor Liska's Concept of Entrepreneurship Varga, Gy.: The Experiment of Szentes BOOK REVIEWS Köves P. - Párniczky, G.: General Statistics (Drechsler, L.) Éliás, A. - Sebők, E. - Újhelyi, T.: Agricultural and Food Industrial Products in the New World Economic Situation (Gulyás, J.) Balassa, B.: The Newly Industrialized Countries in the World Economy (Kádár, B.) Hernádi, A.: The Pacific Region. Resources, Development Paths, Connections (Székács, P.)

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 28. (1982)
Subjects: H Social Sciences / társadalomtudományok > HB Economic Theory / közgazdaságtudomány
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