Acta Oeconomica, 1981

Acta Oeconomica, 27 - 1981. ISSN 0001-6373


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1981 / 1-2. szám Fáy, J. - Nyers R.: Specialization and Cooperation in the Hungarian Economy and the CMEA Ravasz, K.: The Role of Technology Transfer in Cooperation Agreements Kovács, J. - Virág I.: Periodic Versus Continuous Growth Gyulavári, A.: Stocks and Stockpiling in Hungary - an International Comparison Kónya, L.: Conditions of Setting up Simple Forms of Cooperatives in the Hungarian Industry Klinger, A.: Population, Demographic Policy and its Instruments in Hungary Erdős, P.: The Acceleration of Inflation in the United States in the Seventies Kádár, B.: Adjustment Problems, Patterns and Policies in Small Countries Hidasi, G.: China's Economy in the Nineteen-Eighties REVIEWS Huszár, I.: People in Disadvantageous (Handicapped) Situation in Hungary Nyers, R.: Problems of People in Disadvantageous Social Situation from the Viewpoint of Economic Policy Kulcsár, K.: Social Policy in Today's Hungarian Society BOOK REVIEWS Cotel, K.: System Organization of Enterprise Processes (Parányi, Gy.) A Series on the Proceedings of a Complex Research Project (Cotel, K.) Adam, J.: Wage Control and Inflation in the Soviet Bloc Countries (Székffy, K.) Borchardt, W. - Dietsch, U. - Bolz, K.: Wirtschaftsbeziehungen und Entspannungspolitik. Das Beispiel der ungarischen Westwirtschaftsbeziehungen (Inotai, A.) 1981 / 3-4. szám Hoós, J.: Characteristics of the New Growth Path of the Economy in Hungary Berend, I. T.: Continuity and Changes of Industrialization in Hungary after the Turn of 1956-1957 Antal, L.: Historical Development of the Hungarian System of Economic Control and Management Augusztinovics, M.: Changes in the Macro-Structure of the Hungarian Economy (1950-2000) Schweizer, I.: Some Interrelations between Enterprise Organization and the Economic Mechanism in Hungary Varga, Gy.: Management - in a Fast Changing Environment Máriás, A. - Kovács, S. - Balaton, K. - Tari, E. - Dobák, M.: Organization of Large Industrial Enterprises in Hungary: a Comparative Analysis Kaser, M.: From Versailles to Helsinki: Structural Change in the Economies of Eastern Europe Csaba, L.: Planning and Finances in the Decade after the Adoption of the Comprehensive Programme in the CMEA REVIEWS Fekete, F. - Benet, I. - Sebestyén, K.: Energy Problems in the Hungarian Agriculture and Food Industry BOOK REVIEWS Balassa, Á.: Foundations of Planning the Hungarian National Economy (Stark, A.) Bognár, J.: End-Century Cornerstones of Development and Cooperation (Tálas, B.) Bogomolov, O. T.: Socialist Countries in the International Division of Labour (Csaba, L.) Ehrlich, É.: Japan - The Anatomy of Closing-Up (Hernádi, A.) Hernádi, A.: The Japanese Economy in the 1970s - a New Stage and External Economic Relations (Biró, K.) Szentes, T.: Bourgeois and Neo-Leftist Theories on Capitalist World Economy (Bod, P. Á.) Baumol, W. J.: Public and Private Enterprise in a Mixed Exonomy (Schweitzer, I.)

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 27. (1981)
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