Acta Oeconomica, 1972

Acta Oeconomica, 8 - 1972.


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1. szám W. Fellner: Tensions at Full Utilization: A Comparative-Economic View Rejecting the Phillips-Curve Approach J. Bognár: Economic Reform, Development and Stability in Hungary J. Kovács - J. Tímár: Methods of Long-Term Manpower Planning at the National Level in Socialist Economies Zs. Esze: The Modified System of Export Incentives for 1971-1975 Á. Schmidt: Der Staatshaushalt in der Volkswirtschaft K. Forgács: Polarisation und Depolarisation in der kapitalistischen Agrarentwicklung REVIEWS Z. Román: International Conference on Topical Questions of Raising Productivity OBITUARIES J. Márton: Ferenc Erdei In Memoriam György Cukor BOOK REVIEWS J. T. Dunlop -N. P. Fedorenko (Eds ): Planning and Markets: Modern Trends in Various Economic Systems (K Lányi) Ph. Herzog: Politique économique et planification en régime capitaliste (E. Kemenes) H. Lehmann: Grenznutzentheorie J. Szanyi: Economic Growth and Foreign Trade (F. Bartha) K. Levitt: Silent Surrender – The Multinational Corporation in Canada (Gy. Ádám) P. Kállai: International industrial cooperation (R. Geist) BOOKS RECEIVED 2-3. szám I. Friss: Prakticseszkij oljit hozjaistvennoj reformi v Vengriji R. Hoch: Real Processes and Market Processes L. Mihályffy–Gy Szakolczai: The Optimal Rate of Growth of the Capital Stock S. Fabricant: Productivity in the Tertiary Sector A. Racz: Services – the Tertiary Sector M. Márkus–A Hegedűs: Leisure Time and Division of Labour L. Lengyel: Social Policy in Socialism P. Erdős: Some Reflections on National Price Levels – Referring to Texts of Marx and Ricardo J. Ciga: Biravnivanie ekonomicseszkih yrobnej sztran-cslenov SZEV Gy. Ádám: Some Implications and Concomitants of Worldwide Sourcing REVIEWS G. Biró: The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce BOOK REVIEWS I. Vajda–M. Sim (eds ): Foreign Trade in a Planned Economy (E. Drahos) B. Kádár: Small Countries in the World Economy (Gy. Becsky) V. Nesvera: Investitionen in Österreich und in der Tschechoslowakei (G. Havas) W. Galenson (ed ): Essays on Employment (Zs. Mausecz) J. Kóródi–Gy Kőszegfalvi: Urban Development in Hungary (I. Bartke) G. Tempel: Als war’s der liebe Gott (Gy. Ádám) BIBLIOGRAPHY Publications of Hungarian Economists in Foreign Languages Part Two (July 1, 1969–December 31, 1970) 4. szám J. Rimler– Zs. Dániel – J. Korai : Maerofunctions Computed on the Basis of Plan Models E. Frigyes – Mrs N. Simon: Indicators for Structural Changes and Deviations Based on Classical Vector Analysis L. Halabuk: Forecasting with Econometric Models: Experiences and Problems K. Hulyák: Plan of an Econometric Model Based on Input-Output Tables REVIEWS Gy. Szakolczai: Activities of the INFELOR Systems Engineering Institute BOOK REVIEWS J. Kornai: Anti-Equilibrium (M. Tardos) V. V. Novozhilov: Questions of Measuring Input and Results in Optimum Planning (A. Madarász) E. O. Heady (ed ): Economic Models and Quantitative Methods for Decisions and Planning in Agriculture (J. Sebestyén)

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Additional Information: Acta Oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 8. (1972)
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